About me

Community Architect / Marketing strategist / Clarity aficionado / Simplificator
with Brand/Product Marketing/Management experience

Hi! I’m Mihai and I love to assist growth-oriented entrepreneurs to understand and utilize technology and clarity to be at the forefront of their vision.

22+ years of actively managing projects and teams in online businesses. Current interest: hand-holding entrepreneurs who grow, serve, and build communities and helping businesses get more clarity on their goals and what is the optimum tech stalk they can use to get there.

Loving also the Divine nature of life, family, friendships, community, wisdom economy, and authentic connection.

Mihai as Community Architect - Respira

Imagine yourself at the forefront of your vision, picture a bustling network of engaged members, all connected and empowered by the strategies and technology stack that you have put in place. Now, take a moment to reflect on your journey and capture a photo that will act from this moment on as your steering wheel for making the next best turns to bring that future into the present. 

Beyond all titles and certifications, you know for a fact that the only thing you need to build a community is to build a community.

Using powerful tools does not have to be a burden. Having clarity about where you want to go creates speed of execution in the present, ultimately creating time, our most valuable resource. I can help with that.


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Respira is a build-in-public personal development journal of a heart-led community architect. Findings on clarity and how it can improve every aspect of one's life.


Full-stack communicator with a passion for conscious community building. Clarity aficionado. Heart-led artisan. Simplificator. Helping amazing humans befriend technology.